2 or 3 axle cassette’s?

@bryanspeed , I have always used either a Tillett T8 or T11. The one pictured above is a T11. I have the pedals adjusted to the max length possible.

The black kart. Circa 2021. Tillett T11. Standard pedal location… legs are bent but it’s very comfortable and I have plenty of room between my knees and steering.


Blue and silver kart (circa 2006 @ New Castle 17 years old 6’1 180lbs) Tillett T8 with extended porch. Notice how my feet are pigeoned out. Legs are stretched out, and to me wasn’t comfortable.

According to my notes I’ve salvaged, the seats are mounted In identical locations in both karts. The difference is the T11 allows me to be down in the kart more and at a reclined angle. Both karts are almost similar in weight distribution…

I get that was 15 years ago. The blue/silver kart was a 2004 model…

The black one I currently race is an 05/06 model. So I’m not comparing a 2005 to a 2020 kart.

Sorry for the winded post! Just trying to give some insight from a taller/heavier driver


Thanks that is very useful info !

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