2018 IKF Grand Nationals “The Duffy”


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Dates announced by the IKF today, venue has not however.

Rumor is that it will be in Cali, which makes sense considering the west coast is the IKF’s strongest area and also where it was founded in 1957.

Both four cycle and two cycle classes will have a chance at claiming a #duffy

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Last week’s rumor of the race being held in Cali, confirmed today by IKF

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Yea don’t get me started…

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17 JULY 2018 – The International Kart Federation today confirmed the long awaited news of a make-up event after the original 2018 IKF GrandNationals in North Texas was canceled. The new event heads west to California, in partnership with the successful KPX Karting Championship and their ‘Super Regional’ race on September 08-09 at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

“The cancellation took everyone by surprise, including us” remarked interim IKF partner Tom Kutscher. “Upon hearing the news, we knew right away we had to find a promotional partner that could take on the event with very little notice. Enter KPX Karting Championship.”

The KPX Karting Championship was established from day one to promote affordable and competitive championship kart racing at the grassroots level. It’s the perfect fit for the IKF culture and their renewed commitment to amateur kart racing in North America. KPX’s relationship with the Central California Kart Racing Association and the healthy support for IKF class formats on the west coast, made the decision a logical choice for all parties.

“In working with the IKF to take this on, we tried to look objectively at some of the pitfalls of the GrandNationals,” explained KPX’s Kenny Manchester. “Quite honestly, the huge list of classes and the commitment to time off school and work are a deterrent for many families. We worked closely with IKF to refine the structure and just include grassroots appropriate engines with proven nationwide support.”

The 2018 event format will be a streamlined in to a two day format, with Saturday designated for practice and qualifying and Sunday for heat races and the main. The class structure and powerplants will also be pared down considerably to just three engines: LO206, IAME Mini Swift, and the IAME KA 100.

“It’s hard to be all things to all people,” elaborated Tom Kutscher. “While the diversity of having 20+ classes sounds good in theory, it just dilutes the competition and requires more time away. Especially for this make up event, we wanted to aim for full fields and a focus on the popular classes for grassroots competition.”

The 2018 Sprint GrandNationals will still include the ever popular Duffy and Screaming Eagle awards, and even the revered IKF Belt Buckle for the winning driver’s mechanic. The value for the dollar was also closely considered with the $350 entry fee including both Saturday practice and Sunday’s race, 1 set of Evinco race tires, and a complimentary 10 x 30 pit spot included.

The full class list is as follows:

4 Cycle:
206 Junior 1
206 Junior 2
206 Senior
206 Heavy
206 Masters

2 Cycle:
Mini Swift
KA 100 Junior
KA 100 Senior
KA 100 Masters

Entrants can begin registering online beginning next week by visiting http://IKFKarting.com

Track layout: