2020 206 rules and clutches

So what clutch is everyone using? And why. I know my clutch is legal. But curious on others experiences and pros/cons with what’s out there. Just trying to broaden my knowledge

Honestly the clutch thing is overblown. As long as you take care of it any clutch will be fine. Most of the time the clutch is locked up so it really doesn’t matter too much.

But since you asked I have been running Hilliard flames for years and I’ve never had an issue. Just clean it every couple races and it’s done everything I’ve asked it to.

My observation of this is that it’s a typical example of one small group of more competitive racers thinking they know what’s best for the group, because it’s best for them.

I bet if you surveyed the thousands of people that run a 206, you’d find they are pretty with whatever clutch they have.

That’s all that matters. <100 racers should not get to dictate what >1000’ should run.

That’s the way it should be IMO where the 206 program is concerned.

I think Briggs have been pretty clear at the outset of the program that in general it’s not intended to be a builders or tuners class. But yet some builders and tuners keep trying things and wonder why it bites them in the ass.


With the new clutch rule. There are only like 3 clutch manufacturers allowed. With a couple models each. Need to check mine. See what’s going on and if it’s legal.

But 1 guy on a facebook group said that one was junk . . . .
I never knew what the argument was about.

I went with Hilliard also. I think they have nice options.

One thing that’s interesting someone pointed out on Facebook to me; the guys that are complaining about having to spend $300 because their clutch is no longer legal, are perfectly fine spending that on the next Clutch Of The Year to gain fractions of tenths in a race over last year’s COTY, even if it’s operating in a grey area or just outright illegal, but will complain about being required to use a different clutch than what they have.

Just something to think about a little.

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They will all win races, if you can tune the chassis and the driver. They will all be fast, if you can tune the chassis and the driver. They will all burn up, if you can’t tune the chassis or the driver…

We have run up front and won a Cup Championship with a Hilliard Flame. We switched to the SMC last year and didn’t really notice a difference. I did miss the ease of tuning the Hilliard and was planning on returning to it this season for that reason alone. Now, it’s just an easier decision.

Everyone will gravitate towards clutches because it’s easy and it’s a perceived immediate change. A lot like changing teeth on gears constantly. Where any time you gain (if any) with a clutch change I guarantee you will gain double that if you learn to tune and drive the kart. I have found more time messing with the chassis than any engine builder or clutch has given me with the 206 package.

I switched to a Flame at the first part of the season and cleaned the grooves out once. I never even bothered to clean it while swapping drivers. Didn’t fall off my lap times at all at WRP, either. Top 5 pretty much every race with a few podiums in a competitive Masters class.

I was more curious everyone’s feelings on potentially have to change clutches. I run the noram stinger which the current version is only good till may. But found that anyone running the clutch that bought before Jan 1, 2020 can pay $10 plus shipping to get the legal one. And anyone who bought it after Jan 1 get a replacement free of cost

whats this is reference to? I just bought a new hilliard flame for my new engine. I cant find any info on new clutch rules…

The Flame is legal, don’t sweat it.



Anyone who didn’t expect this to be the exact clutch list when they started talking about releasing a list last July was lying to themselves. No one should be suprised at having to replace their Rocket Rim or whatever else.

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I don’t disagree. I’m glad noram is working with people. Still a pain I have to replace a part. But at least they are doing right by the racers. My local shop was very heated that Briggs was essentially forcing some to buy a new clutch. And even more so that a seemingly basic clutch appeared to have no change other than holes and a rounded vs sq off drum and were going to be illegal in 4 months

Well the rules have clearly stated for years that you’re only allowed to run a stamped steel drum, and not allowed to have a machined drum. The stinger comes machined from the factory. There have been people questioning that for a while now. When briggs approached stinger about it they said there was no way they could change their process and they don’t have a stamped drum. Fast forward to an actual clutch list and they suddenly offer a stamped drum if they want to continue to sell their clutch.

I know right now a lot of shops and racers are up in arms but this was all to be expected. There are two things racers hate. Change and the way things are.

I’m now 4 races into this sport. I had no clue. Shop said use this clutch. I said ok. But anyway.

Stinger is doing the right thing and fixing the problem for racers. Luckily you’re good until March 31st either way.