2022 Formula 1 Season: Official Discussion Thread

Is that HRC as in Honda Racing Corporation? Is that how they are branding the engines now, motogp engines on steroids lol

Honda apparently put all of their racing divisions under HRC and changed the logo.

Here’s the AT. (how much is render version and real I don’t know)

Aston very much the outlier atm with side pod design. Maybe the rumours about them being the wrong design direction (from a current consensus pov) are true.

However AT have attached their nose to the forward most wing element unlike Aston, Haas and McLaren.

The main areas of develoipment are hidden though


I like it, looks slippery

Where driveshaft? :thinking: Probs just a render thing. The lower wishbone does seem high regarldess.


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Alfa in camo. Side pod design more the AM route.


Really shallow front wing on the Alfa.

Williams released the livery on the show car:

I like it but the lighting is horrendous in the photos. I bet it looks great on track.

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apparently they’ll release photos of the real car today from the shakedown

Jenson button replied to my comment on the shakedown live :grin:


Sidepods look weird when you enlarge the pics. Might just be the angles.


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The pods and nose look lumpy…

There were rumors that Williams was having issues getting their car assembled… I wonder if the lumpiness is some manufacturing flaw or if they are trying something funky. The floor even looks wavy (more than usual).

Something odd is going on I think. The packaging is super tight on the pods. Unlike the Aston and Alfa, there’s no massive undercut/faux double-floor. It looks like the bodywork is literally heat shrunk around the radiator, and then it flattens after that.

Exactly, also the intake above the driver is pretty chunky too. That packaging literally looks really odd.

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I saw it and thought fw14b.

It’s very odd looking.

Maybe trying to have as little interference with the air going to the rear wing?
They might not be getting enough downforce so they are trying to get more from the wing

I think the bumps are intentional. They are some areas that flow attachment should be high. And rules prevent additional devices. If they are look to modify air flow this might be one of the only ways to achieve if

And as a person that worked in carbon for a while. Even on my first ever infusion i didn’t have any defects that big. I can’t imagine even the poorest F1 team manufacturing something with that large of defect.

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That would certainly fit the bill of “something funky”. In one breakdown I watched yesterday, there was concern that the Haas’ bulbous pods might have issues with flow-detachment as well. Maybe there’s something to that.

Interesting that Aston Martin is only team with top louvers on the side pods as of now. Don’t know about red Bull because we haven’t seen a real car.

I remember there was a period where surfboards were experimenting with bumpy surfaces for hydrodynamic aero reasons. Similar maybe.

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Seems weird they put out the renders of what looks like a very different car. Then immediately drive and release images of the actual car.

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