2022 SKUSA Pro Tour @ New Orleans Official Thread

Out of the 15 ‘Pro National’ level races on the year, this weekend marks #7 on the season!

2 SKUSA Winter Series done and dusted
3 ROK Florida Winter Tours wrapped
1 USPKS Round out of the way

and now it’s time to go Pro Tour racing!

I’ve put all of the 4 streams in a playlist which will hopefully work better for TVs when we go to members-only, but I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve to try and make them easier to access. See the link below:

FULL PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

We’ve got our KC Fantasy League up and running for it’s 2nd Round of 10, and we are giving away both a t-shirt and a hoodie to the highest points scorer this week!


Form to Submit your Picks: https://forms.gle/xj1qShdw8R4sa7BZ6
Fantasy Standings: https://docs.google.com/…/1BU…/edit…


Has a karting tragic on the other side of the world (Australia) absolutely love what you and the rest of the Kart Chaser guys are doing!

Looking forward to see how Connor goes in Shifter.

on an unrelated note any chance of getting an options to have some KC merch sent to Australia?

I’ve actually had a few requests for international shipping!

We’ve got the next 3 weeks off until our next stream so I’ve got some time to investigate options and see if I can come up with a good, affordable solution.

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Kremers is on a different planet right now

Weather is making this very interesting.

This X30 Pro race is about to be lit. Gonna be greasy and we’ll see who takes slicks vs. wets.

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Yeah I’m buying a subscription just for that one race

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Ok so the Dad interview was brilliant.

Also, when the interviewer asks Ryan about wether he has concerns about some big names being behind him and how he’s gonna deal with it…

“Well, those guys aren’t fast enough…” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, not crazy about someone slagging the host city by referring to it as “Ghetto”.

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I can’t remember who came up with it but having the drivers interview the dads/mechanics/owners was hilarious to record, you’re only seeing some of them I think

that would be awesome.

Did any of the races end up with a split between wets and drys?

@XanderClements You are onto some thing here. Y’all are doing a fabulous job and this is excellent coverage. Well done, Sir. You’ve made watching pro racing fun.

thanks Dom! I can’t wait until with this new system we’ve that we can do onboard cams. So freaking close.

Also, this weekend wasn’t even at the highest quality picture for the cameras. Gonna have that fixed by USPKS GoPro.


And i’ve got a drive to survive series in the works. First episode drops in the coming weeks…so stoked


Drama! Intrigue! Betrayal!

Grabs popcorn… :popcorn:

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im loving these comments on norbergs IG, thought id add a little to the flame…

is… is this what karting needs…? ive never seen more engagement and discussion before

OK what in the actual kart life 2.0 is going on here?

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I watched the Weekly Jibber Jabber session Xander hosts and was struck that Ryan and Braden are mature, thoughtful and intelligent guys.

The discussion about the driver driving dirty on Ryan was interesting. I was not impressed by the team owner who could only come up with some whataboutism to try to shift responsibility for his driver’s poor behavior. Ryan adroitly shut him down, and I gained new respect for him.

The footage was hilarious. I mean if you are gonna pod a guy, finish his race. Each time Ryan was able to easily send him deep and wide in a subsequent corner in response.

It was like watching a 5-yr old trying to fight an adult.

I got a “We want to be Cobra Kai Dojo” vibe from that team. Yuck. They had another such incident with same team behaving badly in another heat as well, if I understood correctly.

Kart Chaser reveals the ugly and the whole world can see and draw their own conclusions, now.


I am enjoying that KC doesn’t pull punches and calls out stuff like this and discusses it. Plus, getting to see these races live now in multiple angles really helps you pick out the dirty drivers. As I always say, knowledge is power and I’m getting a ton of insight on how each of these drivers races.

I think most people know the reputation some of these drivers are building, and it isn’t always good.

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Is that what we want? I guess if people are gonna pod each other and NOT obliterate each other that’s a good thing…