2023 ROK CUP Florida Winter Tour Rd 1 | St Petersburg Official Thread

New week, new race!

This week, we are on our usual format of free to watch all qualifying sessions, heats and pre finals. Main Events will be exclusive to KC Premium Members.

KC Premium Membership: http://www.youtube.com/kartchaser

Friday | Qualifying & Heat 1: 2023 ROK CUP USA Florida Winter Tour | Round 1 - Friday | St. Petersburg, FL - YouTube
Saturday | Heats 2-3 & Pre Finals: 2023 ROK CUP USA Florida Winter Tour | Round 1 - Saturday | St. Petersburg, FL - YouTube
Sunday | Main Events: 2023 ROK CUP USA Florida Winter Tour | Round 1 - Sunday | St. Petersburg, FL - YouTube

Don’t have an entry list as of yet, BUT

Here’s what I do know for the headline classes.

ROK Shifter

  • Kremers
  • Hunter Pickett
  • No AJ or Formal

ROK Senior

  • Cameron Weinberg (Tesoro / CRG)
  • Louie Westover (Nash / EOS)
  • Blake Nash (Nash / EOS)
  • Diego Ramos (PSL / BirelART)
  • Matheus Morgatto (PSL / BirelART)
  • Alessandro De Tullio (Mottaz / Parolin)
  • Noel Leon (Alessandro’s / CRG)
  • No Ryan Norberg, Austin Garrison, or Joe Turney

Track has always been really difficult to pass in the previous years, so we will see how this year’s rendition goes.


The track looks very bumpy and it’s hard to pass

I thought both Pro events were more entertaining this year, single speed was pretty decent up until the main. Zilisch just couldn’t get there; real happy for Josh to get his first major in the US

Myers didnt hold back lol. Enjoyed his airquotes during his interview.

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