2024 NASCAR Season Discussion

@fatboy1dh I haven’t watched the Saturday racing. Guess I need to!

@KartingIsLife, haven’t seen a dry track race there yet so I can’t make a call on the dry racing.
Wet always mixes things up and is my favorite condition. Brings out the drivers with the best feel for the edge of grip. Looks like I need to take Derek’s advice and watch Xfinity.

As for the world stage, read plenty of Europeans mocking the lack of ability of American drivers to handle the wet. Don’t know that I care much what they think…different kinds of racing are fun because they are different!
More variety in Nascar would be nice. Too many 1.5 mile D oval and identical cars out there.

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That’s fair. For me as a European living in the US I think the dismissal by some causes them to miss out and the general ignorance on the skill required for ovals bothers me.

Here’s the Xfinity highlights.


All they do is turn left… well yeah but you are missing the point entirely… it wasn’t until I raced oval sim in the openwheel iracing series that I realized how subtle and incredible oval racing is. Prior to that I was similarly prejudiced against it.

Did oval ever happen in Europe or is 100% a USA thing?

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We had nascar here too . But im watching the united states oriented one …

I have learn a lot on the case of who exciting and not boring is turning fast left , from the gsme

Nascar heat 4 .