206 Cadet Karting

Im still new and looking for a kart of my own but Im also interested in getting my 11 year old nephew into karting with me. Im looking at running the 206 class since Im not much of a mechanic. I was wanting to keep him with the same engine to make things easier so Im looking at the 206 junior class. Hes drive the slower rental karts before (ie. Frankies fun park), but no real experience. Was curious about the top speeds of the Cadet 206 classes with it having a different slide. Also, I could use any advice and getting a kid with not much karting experience started so that he stays safe. I appreciate any advice I can get since I think this would be something we would really enjoy doing together.

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I’m not too sure on top speed but you could always hold it back of course in addition to the slide.

Even the rentals will help in the sense that at least he’s got some experience with vibration and noise.

Otherwise try to find a day during the week when the track is more or less empty and just let him drive around. Don’t worry about lines or anything like that. Just staying on the track, getting familiar with the controls.

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Im not so much worried about the top speed overall. I just want to be safe while he is learning. Thank you for the info. Im hoping to find a track that has rentals for his age. Most places Ive seen have a minimum age of 16. Thats why I was figuring I would have to get him his own kart to start practicing.

I would recommend looking at the age rules in your area since 11-12 is usually the crossover point to jr2 classes and a full size kart. Don’t like seeing people get a cadet kart only to race it for a year and have to get a whole new setup to move up. If he’s old enough you may consider just doing jr2, the speed isn’t drastically higher, and depending on his size may fit him better. Most times when cadet drivers move up to full size karts they tend to like the stability of a full size kart as the cadets can be a bit twitchy.

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Locally (GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC) the Cadets, JR, and Briggs Sr all run similar lap times (and hence similar top speeds). Last event I can find times for the Cadet fast lap was a 57.645, Junior was 57.314, Senior was 56.573, and Heavy (390#) ran 57.725.