206 dilemma

Trying to install a 206 on a Compkart Covert chassis and I am stuck.

I have an Ordenthal mount and a Hilliard clutch. My dilemma is everything contradicts the other…

With the clutch driver outboard the chain hits the factory seat stay and that’s with the motor as far right as possible. So I have to go inboard, however, to allow the sprocket to clear the middle bearing cage I have to move the motor towards the seat. Doing this causes me to have to move the seat (Compkart Size 4) left and the seat is offset quite a bit. So…

Do I move the seat left and deal with the offset? If I do this do I mount the seat straight or askew (left edge closer to the front than the right)?

Do I remove the right stay and go to a clamp-style seat stay? and run the clutch outboard?

Or is there another solution I’m not seeing?

This has been frustrating to figure out and all options are a compromise. Ideas welcome.

I think a few piccys would help. Also it’s quite normal for the seat to be askew, generally speaking. I’m not sure how much for 206 is normal, others will jump in

Have you tried flipping the top plate 180 degrees from how it comes in the box? There shouldn’t be any issues mounting on a Covert with an outboard drive Hilliard with the top mount flipped and using either the second or third set of stud holes.

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I believe I have the mount set up as far right as possible.


Nothing is mounted I am mocking this up to get it to fit. The current 3rd hole in on the motor mount allows the clutch and sprocket to align but the seat has to moved. If this is where I have to be I have to cut the left seat stays and reposition.

As Homer Simpson would say…DOH!

I flipped the bottom mount and wouldn’t you know it that gave me about 1 1/2 inches more offset. Thanks for pointing that out Dan.


My kart scales perfectly left to right. Engine is mounted 3rd pegs from left on odenthal top plate. 1 inch spacer between right hand side of seat and the seat strut. Clutch inboard. Left front of seat skewed 5mm closer to front than the right side. I use a tillet large seat. Ill post a pic tomorrow

LO206 engine, Odenthal mount, 219 chain, Fernando Alonso OTK chassis.

I think we can move the engine over one more set of holes. We’ll do it when we scale the kart again.

Before the pics I was thinking top plate but clearly it had to be bottom plate or you’d be angled back 8 degrees :rofl: - my bad! Glad you got it sorted!

To add insult to injury…I found the ORP box and there is a piece of paper in the box that states the bottom plate has to be flipped before installation. How clever of them to put directions in there!

With that mystery solved I am still curious what to do with the seat. Make it as square to the chassis as possible or slightly askew? It appears the seat will be mounted left of center. The mounting suggestions want it square.

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According to the CompKart seat mounting chart, the front right side should be a half cm further (edit: back) than the front left.

Seat-Mounting-Guide.pdf (423.8 KB)

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Hahahaha, why read instructions when you have intuition…lol. Glad you got it figured out!

Thanks for sharing that Aaron,

I was not really sure what the A an B measurements were getting at. And we have already established how well I read directions too!

As my son often tells me when I rely on my intuition and stubbornness - RTFM Dan’l… Read The Fu€king Manual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: