4 Days at Jim Hall Kart School

So I never got around to following up on our recent trip (Dec) to Jim Hall. We spent 4 days driving and working with the guys there on trying to git gud.

We spent a lot of time working on braking. We did the usual thing where they kept moving the brake point in.

The basic gist of this was to choose a repeatable pressure and not deviate from it. For me it felt like 98%. The key was resisting the impulse to add pressure when the world starts coming at you fast.

It was super interesting in that as the brake point gets further in, it looks and feels like you are carrying too much speed. But, if you trust your pressure, amazingly enough it works, and you don’t go flying off the track.

Some of the other stuff we worked on involved trying to be faster by not taking as wide a line, trying to find bits of the track we could try to point straight for more acceleration. We also messed around with trying to modulate turning using lift off throttle, basically trying to understand the dynamics of the kart better. They also threw different configurations of the track at us to get us out of the comfort zone.

All in all was pretty awesome and we made legit improvements. Nick and I both smoked our previous best times by over half a second and oddly, I was able to do reverse circuit a full second faster.

Getting four consecutive days of seat time was amazing and having the folks at Jim Hall really coaching us was a super experience.

I’d say we are still nowhere near where we need to be to race, experience wise, but it sure helped and we certainly feel more competent.

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Thanks for reporting back! Any pics?

Remember, racing will help you up your game too. I think as long as you are comfortable in the kart and your abilities to keep it under control/predictable… you’re at a good point to consider entering some races.

Yup. I’ll post some pics/vids when I get home.

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^^^ What he said. If you can keep your kart on the track consistently for 10 laps at a time, then you’ll improve a good bit just by being in the race, even if you’re fighting for not-last place