92% off Tkart until 11/9

I know a few of you folks were going to give TKart a try when the next offer came up. Sale ends 11/14 (Date changed after posting, updated to 11/9).

Be forewarned that it will autorenew after a year at the full price :wink:


I checked today and it looks like they clocked the closing date for the offer back :smiley:
Offer now ends 11/9

Did you grab a subscription?

Wait, so they had it until the 14th, and then they backed it up to the 9th? Sounds like TKart move. :wink: lol

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Just be careful in how you pay for it.
I used Paypal, which set it up as a yearly fee subscription (without me realising), and then paid for it again, even though I had cancelled the subscription though apple.
My bad I suppose but annoying still.

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I suspect the same might happen with a CC. It’s a recurring payment with a once time special offer.

In some ways I feel like it is a scam.
TKart can be interesting, but I wonder how many people loose interest in it, then keep getting a yearly deduction without realising it.


I wouldn’t like to go so far to say it’s a scam, but there’s some misalignment of values let’s say.

The aesthetic appearance is great. Very professional. Content seems to be mixed.

I was more referring to the payment structure, more than the content which is ok

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Yeah it’s shifty. A common practice, but still very shifty.

TKART is super shifty all the time. They like giving discounts on your first subscription and then charging you a lot a year later without telling you. And not allowing a refund. It is ridiculous.