A website for recording Setup data

Hi Evan, apologies! There is some sensitive information on there that makes me prefer to keep it private for now, but I can invite you as a collaborator if you have a github account. Thanks!

No problem I understand. My GitHub account email is [email protected] if you want to add me as a collaborator

Hi, I have added you as a collaborator. Let me know if you have further issues. Thanks!

Hi all, thanks for the interest in this project! I was wondering if any of you had further feedback or thoughts so far that you wouldn’t mind sharing? If not, totally okay. I hope you find this tool useful and good luck for upcoming race weekends!

Try visit this one. Is this the one that youre looking for? Cmiiw

Hi, thanks for bringing this up—I had no idea this existed and that our projects were so similar! It looks like you have to pay to use that software, but regardless of anything else, I will leave my project up for people to mess around with if they want to.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce that the website now has a feature that compares sessions. You can go into your session list tab, select a few sessions, and click compare. Any differences in lap times and setup quantities are highlighted in red. Hope this is helpful, and I would love further feedback! Thanks!


Hey all—it’s been a minute! Just wanted to hop on here to let you guys know that I’m working on a feature which allows you to take a picture of your mychron screen after a session and have it autofill your lap times, EGTs, and RPMs. Goal is to have it done by end of this week and will keep everyone posted :slight_smile: .

Welcome to other suggestions/thoughts/questions!! Have fun logging in the meantime!


Hi all, I’m here with an update: the autofill feature is proving to be a challenge because it is hard for the AI to read the correct numbers. I will get it done ASAP.

In the meantime, I hope you guys are able to find some time to input a few sessions and see how you like it. My dad and brother have been using it at their races, and it’s been super handy for us to have all of our data neatly collected in one place.

As always, I’m open to suggestions and comments!

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I tried out the website and I like it a lot! One suggestion though would be to leave some of the drop down menus as regular boxes, or to at least add a larger range of values to them. Are there plans to allow users to view other’s track sessions?