Acceleration slow

Hey everyone, so this is my first full race season and I was wondering if I could get some advice on how I can improve my acceleration from standing starts and out of corners.

I’m in the senior class (360lbs) and I’m using a used merlin mr29 chassis with a brand new 206 engine.

The track I go to does standing starts. At the start of the race before the first turn, I’m getting passed by everyone. Sometimes my rpms are reading past 5200 but I’m not going any faster and it almost feels like the clutch is slipping a lot.

The first clutch setup I was using was an Inferno flame clutch (leading) with 2 white and 2 black springs, then I tried the inferno fire clutch (leading) with 2 black and 2 white, then 4 black and I’m still getting passed. Overall I’m consistently .7-1sec sec behind the front pack. It just seems like my karts acceleration is very slow compared to everyone elses. At the time I was also running a 3.6 gear ratio.

One thing I did notice while trying to figure out why I’m getting passed before the first corner is that my rear axle is definitely bent. I’m not really sure how long it’s been like that, but I was wondering if this might be the cause?

A bent axle certainly doesn’t help!

Without seeing your kart it might be hard to judge. But, here are a few things to consider that might be just “off the wall” enough to make differences:

-Does anyone do anything uniquely different on the starts that you’ve seen? Hopping in their seat, trying to judge the flag, maybe placing themselves in a certain spot on the track?
-How often do you service your clutch? Could you be over-greasing your clutch bearing, or potentially leaving contaminants on the shoes? Do you drag the clutch a lot with partial throttle prior to the start?
-What kind of motor mount are you using? Do you throw chains often?
-How about once you’re up to speed? Does the kart still bog? Have you tried jumping further up in gearing (more rear teeth), and if so has this helped?

Usually, slow out of the corners can be the following symptoms:
-improper clutch engagement
-improper driving line. This means early turn in and slow exits.
-improper gear ratio. Does the engine sound flat until halfway down the straight? If so, the gearing could simply be too low.

Clutch slipping at 5000 RPM on the starts!?!?. I’m not making fun, I promise. As a matter of fact, you’re going to laugh when you find out the cure. I have an article in this forum about horsepower at the axle, read that and see what you think. You want that clutch to be slipping at peak torque RPM. That engine reaches peak torque at somewhere around 3000 RPM, depending on the engine and the class. I can’t imagine a bent axle being of any help with your problem.

Just wanted to update this thread in case future karts need a reference. But while I was changing out my bent axle, I noticed I had a couple of missing teeth on my rear gear. After replacing those everything felt a lot better

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Thanks for reporting back!
Teeth missing wouldn’t make a difference unless the chain was actually slipping.
Bent axle will sap some energy though.

Glad you got it fixed :+1: