Advice and opinion on kt100 dd

Hello all, new to forum and was hoping to get some advice and opinions on running dd on kt100 with 3 hole can and 89 tooth rear sprocket. and is it possible to put a decrompression valve on them for easier starting. Also is recommended to run pipe instead of can ?

Is the rear being lifted then dropped when push starting? Trying to get it going from a dead stop is challenging to say the least.

You could try a decompression valve from a chainsaw maybe. I can’t comment on it, but here’s something you could try: Husqvarna Part Number 503715301 Decompression Valve

Pipe is faster than can, but I think for now just keep turning laps with the can.

Can I ask why you want to run a 3-hole can direct-drive?

Pipe would be significantly faster than a 3 hole can but faster usually comes at the expense of more heat and more wear and tear. I would suggest at least a 4 hole can as the 3 hole was usually used in junior with a smaller carb.

Messed around with it yesterday. Out it on a 4x4 piece of wood, warmed it up, gave it gas and rocked my way off , took a few times to get the revs right but had a fun ride on it.
And reason running 3 hole thats what it came with when i bought it. I burned the clutch up and im trying to sell the kart, but want it ridable for potential customers.
Its a nice little kart 99 invader complete. But Im stuck with low funds on a 350 rebuild so kart has to go. Just dont want to try selling a kart that doest move.

Also I do have an old chainsaw laying around , may just give it a shot see if it makes it any easier to push start.