Advice for a newbie

Hello everyone finished our first race weekend a couple weeks ago with my son he is 7 and has a mini rok.

I’m just looking to see what different types of maintenance everyone does either after a session or during the week after a race day? I want to make sure I do everything I can do for him in terms of just having the kart ready. I’m brand new to this world of karting but having a blast.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Welcome @Bryan4T. I’m not familiar with the maintenance schedule of the Mini Rok itself, but let’s see if I can find someone who is…


Any tips for Bryan on things to to keep his Mini Rok running

With the MiniRok there are a few things to keep an eye on:

We don’t use an air filter for big events but I strongly recommend one for club racing particularly with a new driver who may be off track a few times. Keep an eye on the boot itself as some of the products out there have a tendency to tear. The filters themselves can be cleaned with soapy water.

A newer driver will go through some spark plugs - if they are coming back black and wet you’ll probably foul a few out early on - keep spares on hand.

The wires on the coil should be zip tied snug to the coil so they aren’t flopping freely. Lessen the chance of having an issue with a slightly sensitive part of their components.

I would get a few fuel pump rebuild kits and change them out every few weeks. They will loose their snap if you let fuel lay in them between events so blow out or drain the fuel from the pump at the end of the day.

The clutch drum should be pulled every few days and cleaned out of grease and dust. Watch for wear on the leading edges of the clutch material. When the clutch driver teeth get pointy or start to round off and look directional like a saw blade, change that before it trashes the chain and sprocket.

The MiniRok is probably my favorite engine ever and is pretty darn reliable once you get in to a routine with them. Have fun with your kid - you’ll look back years from now at this first year and it will be the most fun you’ll ever have in the sport!


i really appreciate that advice for sure. Yea we have already replaced a coil so we are keeping an eye on the one for sure. Im going to make sure i do all of those other things that you mentioned as well to ensure im doing the best i can.

Race number 3 is tomorrow so we shall see how it goes. Hes having a blast and im having as much fun at the same time. Im starting to get the stuff little by little just tough when you come in not knowing much about anything. Again your help and anything else anyone throws out there will be much appreciated as well.

Thanks Dan!

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I was there 15 years ago - a kart, a kid, a pickup truck, 2 sawhorses, a smattering of tools and more fun than I ever had in my life! Enjoy it - just no other sport like it to do as a family. Hope your next race goes well!