Alignment and setup questions

I just started kart racing running Lo206 so new to kart setup. Today noticed that the kart had a ton of oversteer and liked to break loose pretty easily even with small inputs.

Background on the Kat: I had brought the kart local respected shop who did an alignment and said he adjusted the front end settings.

So today I decided to inspect the kart closer and noticed one side had like 5 degrees of positive camber and the other side had 1. Thinking the shop screwed up as I can’t imagine why it would be uneven? For now to get things closer to normal and hopefully predictable I set both pills to neutral.

Like to hear some thoughts on this?

Found out my seat is a little too big so need to get some padding to rectify that for now.

crg-setup-guide.pdf (696.7 KB)

This is a basic guide, doesn’t go too deep but it’s a very good start.

Yes, every thing should be even - unless you’re running an oval then you could perhaps justify it towards one way or the other.

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Did you verify the front end was uneven with some lasers?

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The shop did. But with seeing that the kart was set to have two different camber settings I’m questioning the work done.

The frame is in good condition and not bent so don’t see why they would have such drastic settings on each side

People need to know who built the kart, brand name etc. etc.
what type of kart is it? Sprint or Oval. Dirt or asphalt, if it’s an oval. What year is it? Those settings are not all that unusual for a dirt oval kart. Depends on how you’re measuring them, how accurate you are. Seats are not terribly expensive, I would get one that fits real snug, very important. If it’s a dirt oval kart, you’ll need to get the corner weights right. Very important. Reputable shop??? Not if they haven’t already told you all this!! Just offhand, not really knowing, sounds like an old horse trader. lol

Before throwing the shop under the bus for shoddy work I would just ask them why the pills were uneven in the front. If the kart is bent or something else is bent, they should let you know.

It’s a Lo206 asphalt sprint car. Chassis is 2017 Swiss Hutless.

The chassis was not bent.