AMA: Brandon Jarsocrak

We’ll be doing a few fun videos in the leadup to the 2022 National Season Kickoff in Homestead – one of which being that we take your questions and ask the Pros directly to answer!

In this thread, send any questions you may have for 4-Time Pro Division National Champion Brandon Jarsocrak and we’ll see about getting them answered LIVE and on camera!

Age: 24 Years Old
Hometown: Shillington, PA
Team: Mike Doty Racing
Background: 4-Time US Pro Kart Series X30 Champion (2017-2018-2019-2020)
Multi-Time National Race Winner (Won at least 1 X30 Pro Main Event Each Year from 2015 - 2020, 6 Years)
Career History:
Drove for Mike Doty Racing from Cadet through to his maiden three years in Senior.
Made the switch to become KartSport North America’s US Factory Driver for Praga and then Kart Republic in 2016 beginning at Daytona KartWeek in December 2015. Drove for them through to March of 2019, before switching back to Mike Doty Racing in May of 2019.
Currently on his off weekends, Brandon runs his own local team at GoPro Motorplex club races and coaches at select regional events.

@XanderClements roughly what age are the pros here?

My question for Brandon:

Aren’t you getting to retirement age?

I’m waiting for him to quit so I can come back and have an easier go.

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Jarsocrak is 24, turning 25 in 2022.

What comes after kart racing? What has pro racing taught you that you will benefit from outside of karting?

How has the competition changed in senior racing over the past 8 years? More or less competitive and why?