American Electric Karting Championship BSR / WKA

After spending three days trying to get gas karts to have auto speed up/slow downs etc using that system… electric is way better, reliable and easy.

Let me qualify this somewhat. the electric kart systems lend themselves very well to being able to precisely control fleet speeds etc. it seems to me that for a commercial operation that is seeking greatest control and ease of use, the answer is obviously electric.

That being said… the gas kart experience on a traditional track, outdoors, blows the doors off of electric every time.

The electric experience is fabulous from a driving/speed/maintenance/CRM perspective, but it is soullless.

I like my tracks, like my karts, dirty and raw. Frayed around the edges, even. The gas kart experience has soul that is often lacking in the sanitized world of K1 and Suoercherged.

I have zero doubts that Artis race karts are utterly gobsmacking and that I’d adore them.

But these aren’t rental karts in a rental facility targeted at walk in traffic. His are race karts that are raced in places where the soul of the racing experience still beats strong.

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Ah, rental karting. Yes, I am all for that. Electric is amazing fun. Especially indoors.


I hear ya but weren’t you guys also developing a package at one point?

Also, is it fair to lump “serious” racing on electrics in the same bucket as rental pub session amusements?

I prefer gas by far, for the reasons of soul and experience, but there’s something there for electric. Different, but also very compelling. But, perhaps, not yet.

In regards to soul, look at my GRX photo dump and videos. Compare that to my supercharged media.

It’s no contest. Gas wins in the feels department. Personally, one of the things that sends shivers down my hairy arms is thinking about how the revs and your breath/heartbeat all seem to merge and amplify as you chase down the top end and then squat there as long as possible.

It’s freaking beautiful and about as close to the divine as this atheist will ever get. Electric is different, perhaps more clinical, precise. But that’s not what I’m here for (most days).

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In my opinion, it is quite pointless to constantly compare with internal combustion engines and mention all sorts of sensory and philosophical aspects; it is like religion and only leads to conflicts. I believe it is important to compare the economics if the product is intended for business or making money; everything else is secondary. It is important to compare pollution if it is in an environment where it causes inconvenience and requires quietness or lower CO2 levels, if not, that’s fine.

All other things like sound, vibrations, etc., are learned sensations, and they should not be taken away from those who have learned them, but they should not be imposed on those who know nothing about them. For example, 9 out of 10 children choose electric karting because they have zero experience with both, but when they try both, the choice is absolutely on the electric side. This is because these are the most straightforward 0-experience future drivers, and this is what makes the technology interesting, as it changes with generations.

This is what we also want to show in the championship: that electric karting pilots are not here to show they are better, but to demonstrate that we use new, very powerful modern technologies and that our racing experience is in a clean and quiet environment, with clean competition, charging from our own electric cars, perfectly balanced power creating equality, etc.

You just need to look at it openly and try it before dismissing it, because only then can you say whether it is good or not. In 10 years, I have never had anyone get out and say it wasn’t great. Never. On the contrary, people always say something unexpectedly positive, even from the biggest skeptic or the top professional.

All of that is totally true. All of that is also what has driven karting to be more and more 360 design facilities or F1 inspired nonsense.

From a business perspective I think you are absolutely bang on. From a “what is racing all about, really?” perspective, not so much.

I think the resistance is that for those who do this and love it, we came up with that “feel” as integral to the experience and a big part of why we love it. It’s tactile, emotional, raw. It is painful to me to think that there is a kid that will sit in a racecar on champions row someday, never having felt that union that occurs between man and machine, never having been moved to tears by the incredible joy of it.

What bugs me Artis is that electric is perfect for corporate, because it’s totally controllable and perfectly suited to commercial enterprises. It’s a goddam steamroller that we probably can’t get out of the way of, most likely.

So? Keep up the good work and try to keep a piece of the soul alive, imho. You seem to be doing that with great gusto in your racing program.


Yes, but at a much lower price point. I think that’s where electric is missing the market. $15k for a package is too high. Electric powerplant at $4-5k?, that would take off. Props to these guys for actually getting to the market, though. I hope they sell a bunch of them.


Getting a lower price is not a problem; there are two general ways to achieve it: compromising performance or scaling it in huge volumes. We are looking to scale it first and provide uncompromised performance. Later, there will be lower-priced products.

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