Amp vs gska

Hey guys I’m thinking about joining a club next year in ga as a new comer which track would y’all prefer amp or gska? Does one or the other have a bigger and better turn out on race day? Is one more rookie friendly? Does the kart shop and the other available things amp has worth the 2500 start up fee plus 75 a month?

@jfeder paging Jake. He’s local to amp.

AMP definitely has the nicer track over Lamar County Speedway, the latter is a bit on the short side with lap times for most classes mid to high 20 second range. However, you don’t have to strictly pick one over the other - I think a good chunk of the LO206 fields cross over and run each club’s respective series. This last year they also introduced a state championship series as a cooperative effort between the two clubs, with 2 events at each track making up the series. If you were comparing overall entries between the two tracks, AMP definitely has more but I do think GSKA still draws in a good amount, though I think their numbers are mostly LO206 drivers - any GSKA regulars are welcome to correct me on this though.

It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t need to be a member at AMP to run in their championship series. The perks of membership are that you get slightly discounted registration fees, and track time for practice on non-race days is technically for members only. However, members do get a couple of guest passes to hand out each year which would allow you to get around this for a bit. If you’re just starting out and looking for some track time, make a post in the AMP karting shenanigans FB group and you’ll more than likely get some folks willing to get you a guest pass. I still have both of mine for the year too, let me know if you’d like to give it a go.

All that said, my suggestion would be to try running a race or two at both and see how you like each, and if you like the AMP experience enough after running there a bit using some guest passes for practice, then spring for the membership.


Thank you Jake answer all I needed to know as in your guess passes I don’t have a kart yet I’m trying to find a good kart that’s not 900 miles away from me, and that’s hard to do cause I’m from Alabama! So if anyone reading this knows anyone selling a good lo206 kart let me know I would prefer it be a complete kart cause I’m new but if it’s just a roller thats fine also I’ll just come back to the forums with questions!!