Another returning racer

I used to race dirt oval McCullochs a long time ago and want to return to karts.

For the last few years I have been road racing motorcycles and have ridden on several of the big tracks like Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio and Barber. Two of my current bikes are a 600 Yamaha and a Yamaha TZ250. I also have other two strokes. I know the cornering speeds will be higher on a kart than a bike on slicks. I am 61 years old and do my own set up and rebuilding.

I would like to start with used lay down enduro equipment and am not concerned about being at the front but more about having a good time as long as after some practice I’m not a back marker.

Any suggestions on class?

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Paging @spribyl… I think he knows of which you speak.

Yamaha Sportsman is a great place to start.

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Oh, Hi!, Welcome back to racing.
There are a couple of good options in road racing these days.

I actually recommend Briggs 206 as a starter for any type of racing. Good folks, good support and the class is growing. It is 4 cycle but maintenance is dead simple, kart setup and drafting are key. You can use the same kart on the sprint track and the road track, just change your clutch driver.

As @Rapid1 has already said yamaha sportsman is another great class.

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Thank you all! This is not a return to racing, I have raced different things for years and am now road racing motorcycles.

I’m hoping to start with a lay down kart that I could upgrade the engine to run faster classes as time goes on. Please don’t take this wrong but as more of a question: I am only interested in lay down kart road racing on car/bike tracks. I am racing a TZ250 (and other stuff) now. That’s the engine some superkarts use. I am not saying I ever want to race superkarts though.

I’m sure the low hp stuff is a ball on kart tracks but maybe not much fun on a long track when you are used to 70 to 100 hp bikes. I’m just not interested in owning a kart for short tracks. I would consider renting at one to get some practice. I’m not far from the Circleville Raceway, Ohio track.

I’m hoping to get a used lay down set up with at least a two stroke that could be upgraded later. What do you think?

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@Rapid1 might be able to help you find a suitable chassis
@Mynameismcgyver can also talk about laydowns.

The most popular laydown classes are KT100 based. Perhaps not the outright speed you are looking for, but you’d have a solid first season with a relatively simple kart to enjoy.

Vintage laydown classes may also interest you?

Probably good advice. Thanks!

You can start with the Sportsman exhaust then later on add a pipe and pick up about 20% horsepower. Then if wanted go to a 100cc Reed valve engine and pick up even more. All with one chassis.

Sounds solid, thanks!