Any opinions on the Sparco SPK-7 vs Armadillo

Time for a new rib vest/chest protector for my son. Through last season he was still wearing the KK sized Armadillo, but he’s definitely outgrown it. Looking at options I found the Sparco at a local kart shop. Anyone used both? There weren’t any problems with the Armadillo, just trying to see what other choices are out there. Thoughts? TIA!

Check with your club/org rules if the require your son to have a certified chest protector. My local requires kids to have a SFI certified unit which the Armadillo is. I couldn’t find any cert info on the Sparco.

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Hi Scott,
My son uses the Ribtect chest/rib vest. They are a 2 piece item and a bit pricey but provides a bit more flexibility regarding fit.