Anybody knows what this is and its worth?

Any body knows what this card is? If i can sell it for some profit found it in my old hotwheels box in the basement?

When I was a kid I had a pal who was from England and he had cards like this. The cards were in a deck of similar things, military planes, and the like. It was a game and I believe you’d choose a statistic and compare to the other guys card. Winner takes card. It may have been called top trumps or similar.

I don’t know if they have any value but like any trading card, there probably are people who collect them.

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Look for collectible trading cards. Google reverse image search helps, see example below

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When it comes to any collectible trading cards, even if they are highly desirable ones, they are going to be practically worthless if they aren’t appraised, graded, and sealed in some kind of plastic case to protect them. Even rare cards that are beat up, creased, faded, or damaged in any way are far less valuable.

No idea what this card is, but Andy’s link would assume this card is worth a couple bucks at best.

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Story time;

So as a teenager I collected at the newsstand each of the 4 issues of the story where Robin was killed off. One subsequent summer, the exchange student that was living at our house read them, creased then all up, and stole the final one (where Robin was killed). That’s the only comic I ever had that was “valuable”. Sigh.

I do have some very very old Tintin that came originally from my grandfather but they are too well loved to have value.

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