Anyone able to identify this kart/car toy?

A pal from KK is trying to identify a toy car from his youth: Ring any bells?

I don’t think this counts as karting, but I thought maybe there’s a chance that one of you guys will know what I’m talking about.
I’m looking for the name of a specific brand (model? I think the company only made this one product) of kid’s toy that somewhat resembles a Formula car.

I remember driving one when I was very young-- in fact, I think it was the first physical vehicle I drove that could propel itself.
It was electrically powered, similar to those cheap Chinese “toy kid car” things that you find at every Walmart, but I know that I would have no chance of finding out anything about it if it was just one of those.

What set this one apart was two things:

  1. The user experience was very immersive-- by that, I mean that the kart had sound effects (engine noise, etc) and shifter paddles that would change the max speed of the motor, as well as a few other functions that were very impressive to me at the time.

  2. I remember reading about this vehicle and the company that created it, and how they had held at least one actual race event with the vehicles either in the US or in Europe (it was either a US or European company), with a photo of the event.

I’m finding nothing about it on Google. I’ve attached a photo I found on Google of a kart that looks very similar.

The term “mini-indy” brought up some stuff that looks similar but they’re way too big and gas-powered.
This would probably be a modern equivalent: