Anyone From the Raleigh Area

Looking to get back into karting after a long time away. Was running a 125 shifter in the Big South road race series back in the day… Been doing Spec Miata for a bunch of yrs, but circumstances forced me to sell my stuff a few yrs ago, and logistically, now karting is my most practical way to get back.
I am a 2 cycle guy, and will probably road race primarily, but wouldn’t mind doing an occasional race in Moorsville, as well as just getting in some seat time there.
Just trying to test the waters as to what direction to go in. Does anyone drive out to GoPro, or anyone road race with Woodbridge from this area?


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We are in High Point, run as much of the series at GoPro as we can make time for. My son and I are pretty low budget so we stick with the 4 stroke LO206, but the two strokes have a decent turnout at GoPro. KA100 is growing, X30 is still the showcase class.

Went by there for the last race, was surprised at the number of karts. Wish they had a road race class for the KA100 so I could crossover, but seems like the x30 is my only option. Not sure being away this long that I belong in an x30 at this point. Very rusty in everything karting, and a 1 man show too.
Thanks for the info.

If you make it out again stop by and say hi, we are easy to find. 24’ enclosed, white on the right side and back, black on the front and left side. As I said we have Briggs karts, but a friend usually paddocks with us and he runs X30. I’m sure he’d be glad to talk to you about the class.