Anyone Going to PRI?

Hi all!

I mentioned in a data thread I’m headed to PRI. For those that don’t know, PRI is a once-a-year tradeshow for the motorsports industry.

I’m looking to go to reconnect with some folks in the industry, and network with new ones. If anyone is headed there and wants to meet up, let me know!

Figured I’d post - James / @all if this is spam take it down, but figured it was worth reaching out.

There’s Top Kart USA’s big EV race that will be interesting to watch, and a handful of karting-related businesses that will be in attendance.

Alternatively, if you aren’t going, but want me to stop at a booth to say hi or ask a question on your behalf, I’ll try and do so for anyone that comments!

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Open to PRI Members who work in the motorsports industry, the PRI Show is the most influential business event in racing. Featuring the newest parts and technology, access to countless manufacturers and service providers, and virtually unlimited opportunities to network face-to-face with industry leaders, the PRI Show is where the racing industry gathers under one roof for three days in December. If you’re in the business of racing, you have to be at the PRI Show!

Blessed be the Knuckle(dragsters)!

At least we get listed with 1%

Anyways… this is what PRI is. Seems cool.

Indeed @Bimodal_Rocket its a must at least once if you’re a racer, if for nothing else than to gawk at all the shiny stuff.

It’s like SEMA but smaller and more narrowly focused

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I’m thinking about going but I haven’t made up my mind yet. If we get a group together I’ll probably go Saturday.

edit- I just registered and will be there Saturday

I’ll be there. The event is eye opening for how big the motorsports industry really is.

Indeed it is Jim! It’s humbling. Although, the industry really is small.

The biggest thing I think it provides for any racer is an amazing opportunity to get out of your ‘silo’ for a few days and get ideas or see trends across the industry vs wherever you’re focused for the rest of the year. Racers are all similar but often they tend to stick to and focus on their little ‘tribe.’

Each year I take things from this show into the next year.

I’ll be there! (20characters)


If anyone is still traveling here’s a couple of podcast episodes I recorded at PRI from the vault to listen to. Possible cringe warning as I haven’t listened to these in a long time

One thing about PRI as mentioned above is the sheer MASSIVENESS of drag racing. Road racing pales in comparison.

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According to my watch, I’ve walked five miles around the show here. I’ve never been before and it’s super cool. I’ve seen several karting related vendors like Briggs & Stratton, Tillett, AIM, and Green Filter. The EV kart race inside the stadium could be interesting. I’m looking forward to checking that out.

Looks like rain tires on a plastic flooring track surface.

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Can confirm

Hate to be that guy but that’s more microplastic that I’d like to be breathing.

Maybe I’ll pitch an ice track to them for 2024. I have sources for all the equipment to build a pretty awesome ice track with custom ice mats and a chiller. Rink stuff just doesn’t work as well.

Xtream Rock Island Grand Prix will be represented by Tyler Schurr.

Is an exhibition type race all on the topkart e machine?

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Scribners a couple feet from chain link with people standing right behind the chain link… :joy:

Insurance would shut a normal race down as soon as they saw that.

Honestly they aren’t going anywhere fast enough for it to matter lol. A lot of spinning the tires from instant torque.

It was….well….entertaining If you like a shit show. Idk what they are thinking with the surface but whatever. People seemed to enjoy the sliding chaos but it wasn’t what I’d call a ‘good’ look for karting in some respects. A lot of inexplicable battery failures.

But regardless glad karting was here.

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One stuck throttle is all it takes.

Oh… You mean this?

How will they get it off?

(With compressed air).

Just the sheer amount that settled on that kart… I bet the air was filled with that stuff.