Appreciation post for the forum

Hi fella karters! i joined this forum when i started to get in to compeditive karting and i rigt off the bat got great answers and welcoming to the forum. when i started i was lost and had no clue how to go about stuff and how to fix/setup stuff with the kart and my driving skills weren’t on top. all of the guys / Girls in this forum has helped me far in my racing career and without this i woudnt be where iam now. As of now im racing on a nationall level wining all the races i can win, Got 3 sponsors for this year, Demon tweeks, Ericson, and a swedish one. All i want to say is that its a great forum and it reallt goes a long way. as for my driving i have gotten many tips on what to improve and it helped me get p2 on laptime record on my home circuit. I deveoped as a mechanic to be able to know what to change with the kart when stuff doesn´t feel good and how to fix common issues. I also had alot of fun and laughter with all the other members. And iam really thankful for what you guys have learnt me here and i wish i could make it up to you but i dont think there realy is a better way to get good in karting and develope as a person thean being in this forum. I will not be going anywhere but i just wanted to get this out there to new guys and to honor the current members that have helped me get this far! Cheers mike : )


And next year iam moving on if everything goes well to aquila formula 1000, And if it goes good in there i will be in f4 in no time thanks to all of you guys i can reach my childhood dreams to finally becoming a good racing driver : ) :blue_heart:

Glad to have you here, Mike! That’s a very sweet post and we appreciate it.

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just wanted people to know how much this help karters including me : )


Let’s see how you feel after the hazing.

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Whats hazing?:person_shrugging: not really a king a english @WheelSpin

Looked it up and still cant find out what it means…:sweat_smile:

Hazing is an odd thing. It’s basically beating up the new guy. It has some history in fraternities in the USA. It’s not something that’s done much anymore because it’s cruel and inevitably goes off the rails.

It’s basically institutionalized bullying with the goal of creating a very fucked up “you are one of us now” message.

Kinda like the stories of how the military breaks people down in training, via exhaustion/pain. End goal is a blood-bond to the group, I guess.

Hazing paddle

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So what hes trying to tell that this like a im a part of you. Message… is it a bad thing? And what does he mean with “lets see how you feel after the hazing” i cant really unseratand this😶‍🌫️ @Bimodal_Rocket

It was meant as a joke! You’d kind of need to be american to get it though. Basically you say “hey everyone here has been nice to me” and the joke is “wait until the hazing begins”…

No one is gonna haze you, we promise!

Yes. In this case Kp is the fraternity and you are the initiate. Message a bad thing? No, it was meant in jest.

Perhaps I was too explicit in my explanation of what hazing is.





  1. the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating, tasks as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation.

“army cadets were hospitalized for injuries caused by hazing”

  • humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, especially as imposed on college students seeking membership to a fraternity or sorority.

“seven officers of the fraternity were charged with hazing”

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Ok​:rofl: now i understand :sunglasses:

Here’s an example:

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Wow, that image of the paddle brings back a long ago high school memory. If this happened today, the teacher would have been fired or sent to prison. One of the varsity football coaches, a big chinese dude, used to hand out wallopings with his vented wooden paddle instead of detention or suspension.
At the end of the year, every senior male was given the opportunity to sign his paddle, if… you know, as I try to describe this it seems more and more sordid, so I’ll stop here.

Bottomline, I signed the paddle.


Looking back on high school in the 80s, things were a bit different. Had a couple of teachers that would not be around today.

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Not sure how this happened, but thankfully it certainly sets KP apart from most message boards. Good Vibes only!

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Well I appreciate the appreciation post :slight_smile:

Thanks to everybody’s contributions the forums gets over 4m hits a year, and yes bots are excluded from that number. I’m proud of the helpful, no BS, no ego community we’ve built. To me, it’s more representative of my real life experiences in karting.

So in true racer fashion… how can we make it even better?