Are MXC wheels worth the money?

I see many birel guys in rotax also use the mxc on grippier conditions. I got my birel will test it next weeks. But in overall i can say, they are worth it. But i think only on grippy conditions and or hotter days

Where do DWT LV wheels sit in the scale?

Or the Swift LV 3-spoke magnesium wheel, for that matter.

I’m assuming the Swift and DW LV 3-spoke wheels land around the AMV Tiger / OTK MXJ, but I don’t know that first-hand yet.

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Based on my experience I would put the Douglas Low Volumes between the Tiger and the Lynx, perhaps a bit closer to the Tiger, but DWT definitely has less grip than the Tiger.

I back to back the MXJ and the DW LV 3-spoke wheels, MXJ has more grip than the DW LV 3-spoke wheels, but I have nothing else to compare with.

Is there anything else with more grip than the MXJ?

I have not heard of a wheel with more grip than a MXJ. Probably an aluminum wheel.

Tried allot of wheels but the mxj had the most of them all

@tjkoyen It looked like you were running AMV wheels on your OTK last weekend and had great pace, Care to share any insights? Ran because they were available? ran because they were white and looked good? , Ran because they provided an advantage over MXC?

Yeah for sure. I ran them because I was curious about their performance, and to be honest, they looked sick with my kit. Plus MXCs are hard to find and expensive.

I used the 3F wheels basically all weekend, and found them to provide pretty good balance, though I think they weren’t quite right for the track conditions by Saturday. There was a good amount of rubber down, and the track was in really pretty sticky with warm weather (80s and sunny all weekend), and it felt like the 3F struggled to keep the tire cool in those conditions over longer runs. I wish I had a set of 9Fs to try as well. But the 3F seemed like it started to fall off after 4-5 laps on me, and the tires (rears especially) started to grease over and not hold the inside rear wheel lift up as well after that. After about 5 laps I could definitely feel the outside rear tire start to give up a bit at max load, and it was noticeable in that I was starting to get yanked off the slow corners where the kart was starting to bind a bit. Even mid-corner in the 90° corners I could tell I was starting to scrub speed as I drove across the sealant where the rubber was the heaviest.

Like I said, the 9Fs or MXCs probably would’ve been better for last weekend, but the 3F would probably be good for a little cooler temps or regional racing where there is less rubber getting laid down. But the 3F was still definitely better than the MXJs and the Douglas mags I have. I know Lemke runs the 9F most of the time but I was actually faster than him in a lot of the sessions too, so it’s not like the 3F was slow, just seemed like it heated up quicker.


Thanks for the data point! This was all on the MG Red or Evinco Blue? Can’t remember which flavor of “hards” SKUSA runs.

This was all on MG Reds. Evinco is SKUSA’s “tire company” aka just a rebranded MG Red that you can only buy from SKUSA. MG Reds vs. Evinco Blues are pretty much the same tire last time I ran them, but with maybe some slight basically negligible differences.

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So a stickier compound MG Yellows/Evinco Reds you would drive you even more toward the 9Fs? (Of course given the track conditions you described)

For sure. Even with the MG Reds/Evinco Blues, I think the 9F is the way to go for national-level racing.

3F would be money at Dousman club races where they do short races with less rubber.

Good to know. Headed to Indy in a couple weeks. Might be a bit cooler weather than what you experienced but I’m bringing a pile of rims to try out.

One thing I would add to this discussion based on my experience with AMV wheels across various categories: for me wheel choice is influenced pretty heavily by horsepower and chassis manufacturer.

Might sound obvious, but the lower-powered categories like KA really benefit from a freer wheel as TJ’s experience points to. Even jumping up to X30 (for me X30 Masters) I had fewer use cases for the 9F, and favored the 3F, Lynx, or even the Tiger. This was on a Kart Republic chassis.

In the shifter I found the 3F to be the most versatile, but for chassis that were more front-positive such as the HMG/Factory Kart I have been using the Tiger.

Personally, I’m usually able to manage tire temps on the MG Yellow just fine, and if anything am looking for more tire temp throughout the weekend. Not sure how the tire compares against the Mojo, but if managing high temps can be an issue then it may be best to go 9F for maximum ventilation.

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Would it be safe to characterize similarity between OTK and AMV as:
MXC = 9F (maybe a bit freer)
MXQ = 3F (good all around wheel)
Tiger = MXJ (cold weather for So Cal)

My racing partner uses MXQ almost exclusively and it seems to be a good all around wheel for the SoCal desert (CalSpeed) climes. Even if the day starts off cold, it normally gets warmish for the mains. I think he gives up some time (tenth or two) during the early morning winter days and on very hot and sticky summer days but he doesn’t have to switch wheels like I do. This is for KA100 on Hoosier R60B.

Based on my testing i think that is a pretty fair assessment. Even in the cold pacific northwest though i find that i rarely use the MXJ and sold my tigers. 3F works well for me in the colder months. I use MXC pretty much all the time now. And will toss on the 9F when feeling lazy.

The only input i can’t with certainty say is the MXQ as i haven’t run them. Few friends have them and they don’t particularly care for them. So i have kept those out of my wheel collection.

@highSRT and others - I’m in the PNW and just getting started. What do you use for rain rims and tires?

Try Don at CMC in the Portland area. Good guy, knows his stuff and the last time I checked he had wheels.

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I am one of the weird ones that prefers to run mag wheels in most cases. Tires will depend on what track/series or purpose.

Any race that will allow it. Vega hands down. I use bridgestones for practice as they are close to vega but last longer.

Lecont/levanto are the regional series tire. Last forever. But take more setup to make work.