Autolite 3910X

I heard somewhere that the autolite 3910X plug id no longer being manufactured. Is this true.

I highly doubt it given its popularity and its avaliable. I can buy them at my local autoparts store.

I think we’re good for a few more years. Who knows where what we’ll be racing a few years from now, anyway? :wink:

Maybe they’ll re-release the WF package as a sealed bottom like the 206… lol

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Sooo been car shopping of late…

These plug in hybrids deive really well and are much more zippy than most ice cars (similar pricing).

I am not gonna cry about e-karting at all.

I will miss the sounds, tho. I still remember Nicks first drives at Jim Hall on the putt-putt kart (before we knew what 4 stroke was). I’ll also never forget the feeling of taking an x30 to the limiter down a big-ass straight and sending it, howling, into a high speed corner. Engine chuffing down in revs as the braking strangles the power.

Good times. But we will have ridiculously fast karts with crazy torque.