Axle straightening Canada

Where can I get an axle straightened in Canada. Preferably Central Ontario. I have a 30 mm with a slight bend that I would like to get straightened to keep as a spare if it can be done add a reasonable price.

Not in Canada. PKT in Michigan will do the job.

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I believe mosport can do it not sure though call there and ask for curtis , he may be able to direct you to someone who can if they don’t

Where in Ontario? I had a 30mm axle straightened by Jeremy Chatterson just outside Brantford ontario. I think he lurks around here somewhere.

Thank you. I’m north of Toronto (near Barrie) but don’t mind going for a drive or shipping if needed. I would prefer not to ship across the boarder right now. I have found lately that everything I ship across costs a fortune and takes forever