Bead breaker marking wheels

Hi, new member here from the UK recently purchased a Rotax.
The UK forums are dead so I though I’d sign up here :raised_hands:t3:

I’ve used a new bead breaker for the first time today and it’s scratched the wheels where the wheel sits on the curved alignment jig.

Is this normal? I’m not impressed to be honest the edges are sharp, I didn’t realise until it was too late.
Many of them are the same design over here, surely it can’t be right.
image image

Any opinions? Thanks in advance

No. You could put a rag in between the wheel and bead breaker

Like Larry said. I put a rag or a thick paper towel under the wheel too. If the edged are sharp in would hit it with a file to knock it down.

I would expect the curved piece of metal being on the rubber tire not inside the rim

That looks like more than a scratch. Its tough to tell from the pic, I assume you are showing the centering ring and not the part that is breaking the bead.

Make sure there isn’t a rough spot, raised weld, causing this issue, may have to grind some of the edges.

Thanks for the replies folks.
Yeah it’s more than a scratch, it’s pretty deep.

It lines up perfectly with the inside of the rim rather than the tyre, giving me the impression that’s how it sits, on the rim.

Regardless, it shouldn’t be that sharp to score the rim, it could also damage the tyre.

Looks like I’ll be filing it, shouldn’t have to in fairness, plus the damage has already been done.

They’ve sent cheap tongs instead of the ones pictured, no front sprocket or chain which I order at the same time.
No replies to emails, appalling.

I’m due out on the kart tomorrow early doors, looks like that’s not happening now.

Do not order from uk kart store on eBay if any of you are this side of the pond.

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I think you have hit on something we are all seeing, products being made cheaply with lower quality but looking like the original. AS always Caveat emptor.