Bent chass

I got hit on the side pretty much head on and it bent my LF 2mm up should I get the chassis straightened or wait it out as the season just started and I’m new to this sport and know I’ll probably be in more wrecks as I’m still learning

Get it pulled back straight. You’ll learn more with tuning and the chassis behaving like it should.

Set the RF corner of the frame on a rigid surface (tree stump, EMPTY gas bottle, heavy cinderblock, old truck wheel). Have a heavy man stand on the RR corner of the frame. Jump on the LF corner of the frame, making sure to push it between 6 and 8 inches down.

Re-measure after every 3 jumps.

I would only ever recommend doing it that way for an “Oh shit, I need it straight for the final” type situation. This is a really good way to make things worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Thank you for the advice the only part I bent back was the side pod rails sorry idk the name of the part yet