Bert's 2022 Fantasy F1 League Thread

Don’t worry, I think (hope) many of us will be in the same boat… Ferrari power really letting me down today. This is a bloodbath.

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LeClerc, Sainz, Zhou, and Tsunoda…. All on my team. Might be my worst week ever…

3x DNF, 14th, and 1st
And Ferrari constructor

Its official. Ferrari is a qualifying team.

New record for points scoring! 620!!!
What prize do I get?

Hamiltons used massage oil

Remember to check your teams before quali today! Let’s hope that there’s less Ferrari trouble this weekend. Some Nik escaped all the carnage last week and catapulted into 2nd by scoring over 1000. Despite losing 3m TJ still has the most valuable team.

Good luck with Montreal!

I put a lot of research and thought into this week and actually waited until the last minute to make my calls.

I threw darts at the list.

That’s been my strategy all season :rofl:

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I pick at random and so far it has been a disaster.

Dart throwing actually worked well this weekend so far.

For some reason I picked Hamilton after fp2. Guess it worked out

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Dart throwing is more reliable :joy:

I know i’m 1st for now… but this is a guessing game to me too.
New cars… you don’t know what to expect…


Haas’ implosion and Vettel’s slump hurt me bad.

Bit of thought went into my expired picks. Thoughts about which flute to put on the darts.