Best chassis for OKJ/X30J on low grip tracks?

Hello all,

I would like to buy a chassis for my son for 2019 to train in X30J and OKJ on short and low grip tracks, so I wonder which is the best chassis in those conditions ?

We will use Vega XH 2 Option (green) in OKJ and Komet K1H in X30J

I would like a chassis with the less possible understeering on green tracks.

So which tubing (30, 30/32, 32mm ?), which brand or model do you advice ?

Thank you !

One thing to remember is that one manufacturer’s 30mm kart maybe not be the same stiffness as another manufacturer’s 30mm kart. So simply comparing tubing thickness is not going to be the most exact comparison.

We’ve always had success on OTK karts in a variety of conditions. This year our regional series visited a freshly paved track that was incredibly low grip, and though our setup was pretty extreme, we were able to manage the track conditions and 4 of our 5 drivers were challenging for the podium.

Where are you located?

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