Best Transponder

My old mx160 finally gave up the ghost. It’s not a battery issue, I’ve replaced the battery myself a few times. Something finally tripped up on the board itself.

Anyway, what are the options out there for a replacement?

We had a thread about an online service that repaired transponders. Maybe this might help?

Not looking to repair this one. I would do my own battery swaps on them, but this one is dead from something else.

Looking for whatever is the latest and greatest people use for karting and or HPDE kind of activities.

Do dirtbikes use transponders too?

Some do I’d say, but a lot are moving to RFID based systems like Motosponder. It’s so much cheaper than AMB’s offering it’s not even funny. Race monitor supports it now so that’s a plus.

Site isn’t great but I’ve heard good things about the system. I think Thompson kart raceway in Ohio is using it.