Birel Rear Sprocket Mounting

Learning my craft on a Birel AM29 and LO206. Standard issue Freeline sprocket hub and Flame clutch with Bully driver.

Can the rear sprocket only be mounted on one side of the standard Freeline sprocket hub? There’s a lip on both sides of the hub, but local help believes the sprocket can only mount on one side, possibly due to it being an import kart running 206 and having to run driver outboard, closer to the seat.
I can’t find any formal setup doc on this, so, seeking knowledge and options.


You can mount it on either side of the hub, but does the hub have full engagement on the key that secures it to the axle?

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Yes, with about 1/16-1/8" to spare towards middle of axle. Mounting sprocket onto other side of hub might increase it to 3/8".

I was wondering the same thing but each side appears the same so I mounted the sprocket on the side that gave me the clearance I was looking for. Other karts I have had there is only one machined surface but since this has two I assumed I could use either side.

@mtbikerbob Are u running a Birel AM29 w/206, too?
Switching to other side, have you had any chain alignment or clutch clearance issues?

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I have a new to me RY30 S5 with a KA100, but installed a sprocket for the first time last week and was surprised to find the option of mounting on either side.

Then either direction is fine, so long as it’s machined to allow the sprocket to center on it. Hot take: I prefer using a 1-piece sprocket and yanking the axle to trying to align a two-piece sprocket.

After experiencing first-hand the annoyance of 2-piece gears for the first time last year and getting them to line up correctly and let the chain roll… I agree with this take.