Bolt Head Type for Floorpan/Gas Tank?

Just wondering who uses what and if it even matters? Just don’t want them to get worn out and not have the ability to easily remove them.


Our 2 cadet karts are using flat head bolts, one uses the counter sunk washers, the other just normal washers. The Birel kart we just got to move up to juniors is using hex bolts. The biggest key to it, just check them on a regular basis and change them before they get worn too much to remove easily.

I think most would use something that sits flatter, just for protecting another driver if you happen to go over them.

Aluminum rivets. That way they get a bit more clearance, don’t get loose, and you can drill them out if the pan is damaged.

i use button head allen bolts on bottom facing the track get them at Lowes