Born Racer Movie

Just finished watching Born Racer, Great movie! Absolutely love the Indy Car series. Do you self a favor and check it out.

Saw it 2 days ago. Cool to see some of the behind the scenes stuff. I really got in Indycar a lot this year. Kinda started following it when Rossi went from the F1 grid to it, but this year with all the changes was really great to watch. You cannot predict who is going to win a race.

Great racing and pretty much anyone can win, even the smaller teams win races! My favorite part about IndyCar is that the drivers don’t act like spoiled brats! All of the people involved seem genuine, remind me of karting!

I agree. I love Formula 1, but when I went to Indycar in Portland this year, I was amazed that you can walk right by the cars, and the fan involvement (obviously alot is spec, so it is unlike F1) is so much more than F1, but yes every race is a surprise, and genuinely good racing.