Brake balance/distribuitor issue

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I have bought the new CRG Road Rebel 2022 (It is beautiful and handles well, btw), but I am having an issue with the brake balance.

We need to put the brake balance 95% to the front for it to break at least 50% front and 50% rear, which is so weird for me. I used to have an OK1 (IPK), and if I wanted a 50-50 brake balance, I would have to place the brake distributor right in the middle, and it would break 50-50.

I also want to mention that it is the new VEN13 System, but I am not “Enabling” it, so it is working like a standard brake system, and still, the brake distributor needs to be 95% set to the front for the kart to be braking 50-50.

Is it a standard issue? Anyone already experienced the same? We already bled the whole system and replaced the entire brake oil, and the problem persists there. The Brake system has nearly an hour of usage.


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It’s not uncommon for the bias to be more towards the front on the selector. With certain karts I have ran around that range of 90%+. Since you have gone through and bled the brakes I would say set the bias where it feels best, and if you max out the system perhaps see if there is a more aggressive front pad, or less aggressive rear pad you can use.

Thanks for the update mate!

Sorry for the delay…

Another question, any easy “fix” for this? Or… Just leave it the way it is?