Brake drag normal?

So lowered my axle to raise the rear of the kart, now my brake caliper is slightly touching the pad and causing drag. I triple checked it to make sure the axle is level. i had to bent the caliper a bit as it was uneven and there is still a tiny bit of drag. Will the pad wear to the disc so there is no drag after driving it a bit?

Ok so i found out the rotor is slightly bent, this rotor has almost no use on it. Can i resurface the side that is slightly bent or will it just wear into the pad?

How bad is it? Worth checking the carrier for true as well as dirt between it and where it contacts the rotor.

Not gonna lie, I generally Just send it unless it’s really bad. But I’m not known for following best practices.

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So did more digging and found out i have a non self adjusting caliper with a non floating rotor. In other words the pad will wear till it wont drag any more. Guess ill just have to shim it as i go. The bend is so slight its really hard to see. Just gonna send it

You could speed up the wear process by removing one pad at a time and take a wide flat file to it. Do a little at a time, reinstall and check the clearance. Then do the other side.

Also if you have a sheet of glass it can work as a semi decent flat plate. Place some sand paper on it and work the pad in circles, fitting periodically to see how it looks.

This is assuming the pads are all the way back in the caliper of course.

im feeling pretty lazy so ill let the kart do the sanding on the track

What did you figure out :wink:

That the axle wasnt straight lol