Brake issue Birel Caliper

Make and model of chassis


I need help with

I can’t get the pistons out of the body to rebuild them
What I’ve tried so far
Brake clean. Any idea on how to get these apart??

Carefully use compressed air

Are you saying disconnect the caliper from
The brake lines and try to blow it out??? At present I am just getting fluid ozone around the piston… a bit concerned these things are seized solid…

It is possible the piston is cocked/tilted inside the caliper bore and binding. You can try a vice and an old brake pad on the piston side to see if you can push it in slightly at first to square up the piston in the caliper bore. Then using the compressed air through the brake line connection point, blow the piston out. Could get messy and a rubber conical tip on the air blower will make a better seal. If you suspect corrosion in the caliper (fluid will be muddy brown), you can spray some penetrating lubricant around the piston/bore and even inside the brake line connection point (after you drain the existing brake fluid). Once apart, you will have to use brake clean to remove any residue from the lubricant before rebuilding. You can coat the new seals with fresh brake fluid to lubricate them during re-assembly. If you have excessive pitting inside the caliper bore, you may have to replace the caliper all together. Either way, its worth a look.