Briggs Lo206 Full package worth?

At the end of the year I’m selling my Lo206 package and I want to know everyone’s opinion on what it’s worth
It includes
2017 tony kart 401 (chassis protector and no flat spots)
Lo206 engine w/Odenthal mount
2 clutches
Mychron 5
Many spare carb and engine parts
54-75 gears and 5 different clutch sprockets
Kart stand

Also is anyone is interested feel free to pm me about it

That sounds like three grand to me, but I’m pessimistic about used-kart values.

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I agree with Charles. I would even go lower based on age of chassis, but I too am pessimistic. Very tough to sell at the end of the season too.

Payton, what location?
Ovrp bumped their used margay price to 4100 from 3750. Granted that’s high pricing for a used kart (one race weekend old) but it would appear that demand > supply.

Most I see simular to what you have offer it for sale in the $2,800 range but usually get between $2,500 to $2,800. Some even downwards of $2,300 if the seller is motivated to just get off it.

It may not make much difference in the price, but it would be good to confirm which seal the engine has on it as well as how much time since last refresh.

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