Briggs red slide "operating range"

Is there an ideal window I should try to keep a red slide briggs in? Or a max RPM i shouldn’t exceed? I know being heavily restricted that the power drops off at higher RPM, just not sure where that happens.

The torque curve on the red slide is very flat. Just not really much there anywhere.

The stopwatch will tell you how high to turn it. On a track with some tight turns, you will want to get closer to the limiter (5800 ish?). On a wide open track you may only turn 5400-5500.

For the folks I have coached locally, aim low. As your driver rolls the corners better and you get to 5900 RPMs, drop a tooth and see if you are faster. Repeat over and over until you are maxed out on speed (winning races by a lot :slight_smile: ) or dropping a tooth doesnt make you any faster.

Thanks, that’s helpful. He was hitting 5800 at practice on Sunday. We’re going to practice friday night and I’ll experiment with a tooth at a time and see what that brings. Race #1 of his club is on Saturday, hopefully can trim a bit of time on Friday night’s practice.

I really interested in this too. Local knowledge always says “hit the limiter at the end of the straight” which is what we do and the kids looked after by the local pros do. I tried gearing for the red slide torque curve and keep it under 5800 for 1 weekend and he was waaaaaayy off pace down the long straights. Maybe the higher gearing gives that much better launch to carry down the long straight but I had really bad luck trying lower gearing on the red slide even though it makes sense to me.

Ive had one engine builder say that the red slide starves it so bad that it struggles to even get to the rev limiter.

I think I’ll swap to a larger sprocket and see if i can get him hitting the limiter as a baseline, record his lap time and max speed, and then drop by 1 tooth at a time and see how things change.

I am not sure about that guy then, maybe he’s at high altitude,but I can hit the rev limiter anywhere we want. Your strategy is similar to what we do. I’d be happy to hear your results and happy to share mine.

I typically run a 19/65 gear.