Buy new or recycle an old chassis . .

So with my X-30 I have laying in wait for next summer, I’m torn between resuing my old 2 stroke chassis (currently with an LO206 on it) or popping for a new chassis. There is nothing wrong with my old chassis, minus a few scratches that occurred because I apparently have no reguard for lawn maintenance . . . but otherwise is structurely solid.

But it would be a pain to swap engines, as I still plan on running in in Lo206. Normally a new chassis would be out of the question ($$$), by my preferred manufacturer is running a deal right now that would give me 30% off the price of a new chassis until Oct. 15th. (Which is rapidly approaching)

What to do- what to do? . . . . Anyone been in this position before? I’m cheap at heart so my frugalness is fighting with the “want” side of my brain.

Personally I would reuse your chassis, it’s already a 2 stroke so you could run both. 2 strokes can get expensive so it may be wise to save that money for parts and or rebuilds when needed. If you really wanted you could get a new 4 stroke chassis and switch the 206 to that and keep the used 2 stroke chassis and add the X30. The 4 stroke chassis would most likely be cheaper than a new 2 stroke chassis.

Sure, if you only run one chassis you will have to spend an extra 30ish minutes swapping over but you save space, money, and having to keep spares for 2 chassis.

Hope that helps.

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I know you’re on a deadline but ideally you would have some time on the X30 first to make sure you’re going to enjoy running it before plopping down for a new chassis.

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Thats a great point.

Why not mount the X30 on your kart, take it for a practice day, and decide whether you want it?

FWIW I think two karts is about the right number for a household with one or two drivers.

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You guys are right, I’ve just been looking for an excuse to buy a new chassis. But I will admit the deals TB Kart runs are VERY tempting.