Can’t get going from a stop

I had my first track day today with my kart and had a couple things pop up as issues.

  1. When ever I would spin off, happened a lot at the start of the day, my rear wheels would not spin even in wet grass. I would have to get out and push myself back on the asphalt. Is this a clutch issue?

  2. I noticed that my seat, 1 started to crack on the left and right edges near where my hips contact the seat, and 2 the drive sprocket was rubbing the seat fairly significantly. The seat is 3/4-1” from the sprocket.

  3. When I would shut off the engine to push it onto the asphalt, I had a hell of a time starting it. It starts fine if it’s cold in the pits.

I can get pictures of the seat later, thanks for any advice you have.

Can you tell us what engine you’re using, so we have a better idea?

Probably good info to have. I have a LO206

You’re stuck by being bottomed out in the grass. Not uncommon. Not spinning the wheels in wet grass isn’t an issue either cause you got all weight sitting in the kart that can’t move with 9HP.

Engine not starting easy hot sounds like an air bleed screw or idle adjustment.

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Well that’s terrifying. At a minimum put a piece of sheet metal over that.

But pending what mount you have I would move the engine one adjustment right

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@highSRT is right. Adjust the engine to the right a bit if you can. You’re just flexing over into the clutch.

A crack like that in the seat after one day is probably from mounting it in a bind.

Ok. Go get a little bit of fiberglass, epoxy, and a nickel. Go laminate the nickel into the seat centered on that hole, and then just grease the end of the crankshaft bolt where it makes contact with the nickel.