[Cancelled] Karts Live from 2018 SCCA Solo Nationals


(James McMahon) #1

This is a cool opportunity for karting…


The SCCA Solo Nationals are coming up on Sept 3rd. and a super secret source has revealed that there’s 50 karts entered for the event.

Karl Rickert has started a fundraising campaign to do a live stream from the event. We’ve thrown down a few bucks to kick things off. The funding goal is super low at just $1000 and it’s about a third of the way there as I type.

So, throw down a few bucks so we can watch and broadcast karts make mincemeat out of those big silly cars that are not meant for competition, but to go from :smiley:

In case you’re wondering, Karl was the guy behind MaxSpeed’s shows, so it’s not his first rodeo:

(James McMahon) #2

Live show cancelled. SCCA won’t permit the multi cam setup Karl was interested in doing.
Update from Karl on the gofundme page today.

It is with much regret that I must inform you that I will not be allowed to live stream this years SCCA Solo Nationals competition in the manner in which I had intended. That is, by using professional cameras and broadcasting equipment. The alternative to use phone cameras and short live segments is not the product I wanted to show, thus I will not be streaming any video from nationals this year. Talks about live streaming SCCA events in the future will take place in the future. For now I can refund your monies or keep it in the kitty for a future projects. It’s your call, contact me at [email protected] to let me know what you desire. #solonatshasstarted

Karl Rickert