Cargo Trailer FUBAR- Dear lord sweet baby Jesus

Last time I was leaving the track I heard a noise coming the rear of the cargo trailer. So pulled the hub on an 11 month old trailer with less than 2,000 miles on it. . . .

Couple of things that jumped out:

  1. This hub had ZERO grease from the factory.
  2. This thing got HOT
  3. Bearings are gone-gone!
  4. Grease Zerks were not installed and/or missing
  5. Wiring has melted
  6. Notice the rear brake pad is GONE!

Emailed the dealer, as this is not normal wear and tear, so we’ll see if its covered under warranty. :rage:

The good news is that trailer parts are relatively cheap. Also I could have been much worse if that wheel locked or came off at higher speed so sounds like you dodged a bullet there too.

I’ve been happy with parts and service from in the past if your dealer isn’t taking care of you.

Good luck with the repairs. Use a high quality grease when putting the new stuff in, and go through and clean out and re-grease the other side too.

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Bearing Buddys are the way to go for any trailer.
bearing buddy
The diaphragm will rise when its packed full of grease and fall when its time to repack it. lt’s almost set it and forget it easy.

Strange they were dry from the factory.

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I thought stuff like this only happened to Jeremy Clarkson.

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I looked at this the morning and was a bit puzzled how this can happen. Looking at it again has this trailer been in water or driven on salted roads in the winter? The sight of corrosion inside your hubs is alarming for a trailer that is less than a year old, it looks like a 10 year old pick up. Does the otherside look like this side?

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As mentionef the good news is trsilers parts are cheap. You xan generally buy a completed axle for less mogey then we spend on a regular race weekend. As much as it sucks that this occured to a new trailer…

Florida humidity causes excellerated rust. I also live 5 miles from the gulf of mexico, which doesn’t help things . . .

Every trailer I have (that they make them for) have these. NEVER EVER trust the MFG or the Dealer to put a trailer together properly, QA has disappeared. :frowning: People give me crap about our old hauler, but by golly it never has these issues, we’ve driven past trailer that parts were falling off / fell off, doors coming off, etc.

UPDATE: Dealer pointed to Araising Trailer Corp to see if its under warranty, crickets so far. . . .

You can easily fix it yourself, you can get stuff from etrailer or amazon for cheap. Sucks, but not worth your time/money to fight it. Warranty on trailers (including RVs, 5th wheelers etc) is not worth the paper is written on, you are relying on their goodwill and clearly here something doesn’t look right, I would not take it back to let them “remedy” the situation

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GREASE: As an owner of two trailers, one is a camper the other a utility unit, I can attest to the lack of grease from the manufacturer. Nether had sufficient grease and the camper was nearly absent of grease.
WARRANTEE: The only perceived outcome of using the warrantee is for the dealer to hold your trailer hostage until you never EVER use the warrantee again. That philosophy has worked with me. The cost of fixing it myself outweighs the idea of having a certified dealer cover the cost. In fact, in cases where I need the dealer’s expertise, I will refuse the warrantee and pay the going rate.
SUMMARY: Just saying, when I am driving at speed, I feel safer knowing that it IS NOT warrantee repaired!

When I bought my cargo trailer, i had a couple friends tell me to pull the caps and have a look at the wheel bearings, and a 4 of mine were dry. Crazy how that seems to be regularly missed on these trailers.