Chassis for Briggs Lo206 Masters

Hi All,

Looking at getting somewhat back into karting. I’ve had some previous experience years ago in the world formula classes.

Anyhow. I,m 27yo… 5’11… 195-200lbs. I believe i will be racing masters acording to my local club rules as i meet the 200lb driver weight.

I need help deciding on a chassis. I have local support here in (Ontario, Canada) from the following chassis brands OTK, Birel, Intrepid.

Ive noticed lately in my classes the OTK karts have been sitting quite a bit on the podiums compared to other chassis. I would say Birel is up there aswell.

Breaking down the chassis, a looking at frame design. Im trying to understand why one chassis would be faster than others. Leaving driver experience out of this.

The Birel AM 29 and OTK STV 450 are both developed for the briggs program. They both share a straight cross member behind the seat.

The Intrepid FK4 ha been seen with the “S” bar designs like the old CRG Tork, RS5. I do believe Intrepid has changed the design to a slanted straight bar.

Now i’m not sure if the design theory of this affects the chassis performance that much or if it could be other things in the geometry of the waist, axle size etc. that plays a bigger part…

Ideally i think OTK is the way to go, just wanted to hear some feedback from the community.

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Welcome back to karting!

For something like this I tend to think less about specific brands at first, and rather look at the racers and teams that have made a chassis work for someone of your build type.

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In this situation (and most situations), what brand is on the kart isn’t going to mean much. As long as you have technical and spare parts support, any of those karts are going to be capable of winning just as easily.

As I always say, look at what karts are on the podium, but also look at what karts are in the back of the pack. Often it’s the same brands. Drivers and tuning knowledge are what make the difference. James brings up a good point regarding picking something that will offer you a data base of knowledge for your specific application.

All brands mentioned are high-quality, well-built karts.

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I would definitely check out what brand you can get the most support with at the track. The more help you can get starting out the better off you’ll be. I am more partial to the Birels but I have always found them easier to drive since I was a kid.