Chassis help

Hello everyone…
Im new here, also new in Keating so i would like to ask if someone can help me to identify this chassis? I bought this kart for my 11 y/o son who want to have some practice on the track just for fun atm.
Any help or advise will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome! I can’t say I’ve seen this chassis before and some of the components aren’t very helpful to figure out what frame it is. Whatever it is it’s a bit old.

Where are you located?

may help

When I first looked at this I figured someone would have some insight. I have no idea but would agree with Eric that it is an older kart (maybe early 90’s) based on the design and patina of some of the anodizing. Is this kart in the States or another country? Some brand names I could find from your pics… The brake hub has AMV embossed on it, which is still in existence mostly as a wheel manufacturer but starting to produce complete karts. The rear axle carriers are from a company out of England (Kelgate) which apparently still exists too. The front hubs being split with a bearing inside is a little unusual. I would focus on any name branding on the parts. As an example, if you need brake parts hopefully there is a name on the calier or master cylinder you can search to hopefully find something. Otherwise, you may have to figure out how to replace parts with different available parts.