Chassis identification (pt. 2)

So this is a follow up post to my first one, I’m still trying to find out what chassis I have bought just so I can find out if I can find any parts or just general info on it, and I stumbled across a thread here on weird and unusual karts, and I think I may have found the same chassis brand as mine, I just need some more input. Anything could help. Thanks

Steering support is different. Keep in mind that karts have followed a very similar chassis design for many years, so there will be lots of them that look really similar.

Any markings or identifying serial numbers or anything anywhere on the kart? It’s definitely vintage.

Does it have a hand brake? What does the brake system look like?

Yeah I noticed some things were different after looking a little more, but it definitely looks vintage IMO

It does have a hand brake but previously had a regular foot brake at some point. The hand brake was added on for donuts and stuff and I guess it just stayed on there. I can take a picture of the brake setup later

Also, I couldn’t find any markings at all anywhere on it. I must’ve gone over the frame an hour before getting ready to paint it just looking for anything to help identify it.