Chassis questions

So I’ve done a lot of rental karting but I don’t know much about racing and I want to try out the lo206 class at my local track.
some questions I have are:
-Are 4 stroke chassis different from 2 stroke?
-what’s DD2,kz and kf mounting for chassis? ( I think they’re engine class and different mounting options but I’m not sure.)
-Are shifter chassis are different from TaG chassis?

“Are 4 stroke chassis different from 2 stroke ?”
Not really but…
The difference is in the engines. All the 4 stroke engines commonly used in karting, LO206 ,Honda GX, Clone etc. are industrial engine based and have the clutch and drive chain down the left side of the engine.
All the 2 stroke engines , Rotax ,X30, KA100, Vortex VLR, Yamaha have the drive down the right side of the engine.
So changing from a 2 stroke setup to a 4 stroke will involve moving the axle sprocket from outside to inside the main chassis tubes and making provision for a keyway and key to drive the axle.
In addition on some chassis you may get clearance problems between the clutch/chain sprocket and seat/seat stays, and the chain and rear cross tube.
Although these problems are not too difficult to deal with it would be easier to go for a 4 stroke / LO 206 chassis in the first place.
You just might come across a 4 stroke chassis with the engine mounted on the left of the kart, not common in US. apparently but has its advantages. In UK we only have 1 class for single Honda 4 strokes. (No LO206).Karts with the engine on the right are very rare in the class.

Hi Max,

I will give you a typical answer in karting – it depends.

John’s points above a spot on.

  • Chassis - 4 cycle v. 2 cycle - it can be. Some chassis manufacturers have a different chassis that they recommend for 206 racing and lower hp racing v. TAG. When that is the case the 4 cycle chassis may have smaller tubes – a combination of 28mm and 30mm. In the case of a bespoke 4 cycle / lower hp chassis, it is likely to be less expensive than a full on 2 cycle chassis

  • Not sure I understand your 2nd question - but DD2 requires a special chassis entirely, KZ requires a shifter chassis – front brakes, shifter system, etc… and very often are a different tube size than a typical TAG kart. KF is a class that ran in Europe some years ago – 125cc with electric starter, all the bells and whistles, were quite fast but also very expensive. There is no place to race a KF in the US and suppose no place to race one in Europe now.

  • Shifter v. TAG - same answer as the KZ answer above.

I hope this helps.

Also, what 4 stroke chassis recommended?( brands, models etc.)

Hi Max, please add your last name to your profile.

Chassis recommendation mostly depends on the races you will be running. If you can find something that seems to work well with your particular body build, even better.

Do you know where you’ll be running yet?

There are many very capable chassis out there and you’ll have a lot of people tell you “xxx is best because it won yyy” which doesn’t necessarily mean it would be best for your situation.

Popular brands include CRG, TonyKart, MGM, CompKart, Birel the list goes on and on.

I’m going to run the lo206 class.

Right, but do you know what tracks\series you will be running at? That will determine what chassis has the most support in the area.

I will be racing at a local track
I believe the track layout is on the website. I’m pretty sure this is what you mean by track/series